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Customer Comment

A very big thank you for the excellent service you provided with regard to my laptop. I asked for your assistance initially to set up a simple back up system which you did with great efficiency and very little interruption to my working day
Kate Taylor

Let’s Talk VOIP

Many people have heard of it, may have been told it’s great, but many are still unsure of how a VOIP phone system could benefit their business.

We have been installing VOIP phone systems for a number of years now so we fully understand the technology and how it can help you;

  • save money
  • enjoy greater flexibility
  • be more productive

Save Money With A VOIP Phone System

The potential savings for your phone bills are huge. Due to the way VOIP phone systems work we are able to structure call plans that save you money and fit around the needs of your business.

The upfront investment is not as intense or expensive as you may have been led to believe, and because of the reduced cost of calls, many upfront costs are quickly re-couped and the whole system pays you back very quickly.

Enjoy Superb Flexibility

So price is one factor that drives people to us for their VOIP system, however, the flexibility that a VOIP system can give are amazing;

  • Makes calls from anywhere with a broadband connectivity
  • Use your pc/ laptop to make calls using interface software wherever there is a broadband connection
  • Range of features included that you normally pay for, Caller ID, Call waiting, Call transfer, Repeat dial, Return call, Three-way calling

There are also advanced call-filtering options available. These features use caller ID information to allow you make a choice about how calls from a particular number are handled. You can;

  • Forward the call to a particular number
  • Send the call directly to voice mail
  • Give the caller a busy signal
  • Play a "not-in-service" message
  • Send the caller to a funny rejection hotline

With our VoIP services, you can also check voice mail via the Web or attach messages to an e-mail that is sent to your computer or handheld.

It’s a brilliant, flexible, cost saving tool that is always worth looking at. Give us a call on 01327 893027 to arrange our FREE no obligation quote.